Welcome to Candystripe!

Please call 0113 237 9625 or email your enquiry to info@candystripeinc.co.uk or via our contact page.

We present a new concept in childcare dedicated to children and parents.  

The Candystripe concept was born in 2000 with the aim to provide the local community with affordable childcare provision all under one roof. Being local business women and working mums they truly understood and empathized with parents the need for a safe, stimulating, challenging and happy environment in which you can leave your children whether they are 2 years or 14 years old.

Candystripe.inc is built on strong partnerships between all the staff working within the company. Together they strive to provide childcare solutions for the community.

Candystripe Cottage Toddler play gym Candystripe Creche
& Out of School Provision
Contact us now on 01234 123 123 or info@candystripeinc.co.uk
Contact us on 0113 237 1916 or info@candystripeinc.co.uk