Day Care Services

We are offering current support to keyworker children during the pandemic please call on 0113 268 9443 option 1 or 2 for more info.


Here at Candystripe we aim to offer that little bit more, we actively promote individuality and do not pigeon hole your child into an age category. All the children in our care will be assessed at 2 years old, to ensure their needs are being met. We pride ourselves that in the settings every member of staff knows your child. That means continuity of care can be provided when staff fall ill or take holidays.

We also promote respect in a loving caring environment, so that your children can integrate with their peers and feel confident in an organised environment.

We understand that each child is different therefore, they will have a key worker who will complete a profile of their activities and understand their characteristics.

Candystripe offers a full range of daycare products to suit the needs of you and your child. We have a full day care setting as well as offering term time only sites and an hour by hour rate. We always try and keep our rates competitive, between the directors and manager we have 8 children various ages, we understand it can be expensive.

All day care offer is part of the Candystripe .inc philosophy and is regulated by Ofsted.

Our aim

To present both recommended curriculum's in a fun, individual and formative way, offering indoor and outdoor environments for children to develop, play and learn in.

Why are we different?

We offer wrap around care for children under five in conjunction with our purpose built children's crèche and soft play centre. We offer one-drop-stops for parents with more than one child and will ensure that siblings are transported to their relevant school or our nursery or crèche facilities. We are one of only two nurseries in the Leeds area to offer the Montessori approach to early years education for all children over two.

Strong links with home are encouraged in this age group and partnerships with parents are actively promoted at all times. A daily report sheet is produced and opportunities are regularly provided for parents/carers ask staff for advice and support.

NEG funding

We offer fully funded nursery education grant places. Any child that turns 3 will be entitled to this, the term after their 3rd birthday. It is 15 hours free education per week. You are entitled to receive up to 6 hours free per day and the minimum is 3 hours per day. Funding is given for 38 weeks of the year. If you are with us for 51 weeks, your bill will be discounted by 15 hours per week for 38 weeks and split evenly over the year.

You must tell us if your child attends another setting, so that the funding can be split between the sites. These places are monitored by Leeds City Council.

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