We remain open through Lockdown 2

We are continuing to welcome your children into a safe, fun and COVID-19 friendly childcare environment. For more details about how we have followed the guidance please check out the pictures in our gallery or you can contact us via email and a parent handbook and FAQ's sheet can be sent to you so you can see what it is like inside with the changes we have made to make the setting fun and safe for everyone. These are available as downloads below.

Call 0113 268 9443 for more info

Please download our latest newsletter for your reference below.  

Candystripe Newsletter - Nov 2020.pdf

Also download the parent handbook for your site:

Cottage - Candystripe Cottage Parent Handbook 2020-2021.pdf

Church - Lidgett Park Church Parent Handbook 2020-2021.pdf

Regarding registering a place for next years care or wanting a place for this year, please email Janette at Janette@candystripeinc.co.uk or call her on 0113 268 9443 option 2.  She is working in the office most days apart from Wednesday afternoons to support you.

Regarding our parties we are currently not running them and reviewing this in January; considering new guidelines in place with COVID-19.

We are setting up a party store online however and will send you info soon to update you.

We are all working hard to ensure the business remains strong, safe and fun for everyone. Please email me with any specific questions you have anna@candystripeinc.co.uk

More information can be found below about the company and ways of making contact.  

Many thanks - Anna Robinson, Company Director


Welcome to Candystripe!

Please call 0113 268 9443 for more support, there is an automated phone directory please press:

1 - to speak to the Cottage staff where they look after children for out of school care for St Matthews, Immaculate Heart, St Urbans and Chapel Allerton, we run playschemes in all holidays and nursery care full and part time also at this site.

2 - to speak to accounts department and the admin about your account.

3 - to speak to staff at the Church who look after children from Immaculate Heart, Moortown and Gledhow for out of school care only

4 - to speak to our Business Manager Lesley

5 - to speak to someone about parties or party supplies

or press 6 to speak to the Director Anna about any safeguarding concern or emergency.

You can also email your enquiry to info@candystripeinc.co.uk or email via our contact page.

Bookings are now being taken for the all holidays

Prices are currently £31/30(please provide lunch) and nursery playscheme £38.50 inc lunch . These change from 1st July each year.

Book now to avoid disappointment by emailing info@candystripeinc.co.uk or Janette@candystripeinc.co.uk


Currently trips are only to local parks due to COVID-19

We are offering Trips out during playschemes which will always have a separate schedule only to be viewed in the setting on the notice board in reception.  Please ask at reception to make a booking for any trip listed.

These trips are booked on a first come first served basis and must be paid for in full on booking. The schedule is now live and a copy is in the holiday playscheme menu for reference.  Please book in reception only and make cull payment for any trips requested.

If you don't get chance to book into the trips more trips will be reviewed and offered if we are able to do so. We apologise now if you feel it is difficult to get a place and we will endeavour to be as fair as possible.

Who are we?..........

We present a new concept in childcare dedicated to children and parents.  

The Candystripe concept was born in 2000 with the aim to provide the local community with affordable childcare provision all under one roof. Being a local business woman and a working mum Anna truly understood and empathized with parents needs for a safe, stimulating, challenging and happy environment in which they can leave their children whether they are 2 years or 14 years old.

Candystripe.inc is built on strong partnerships between all the staff working within the company. Together they strive to provide childcare solutions for the community.

As a customer of Candystripe you can expect to leave your children in a safe, clean and learning environment. Our staff will be knowledgeable and helpful.

Candystripe.inc Ltd's safeguarding policy is stringent and firmly instilled in all the staff and children as paramount to our success.  Ask for details about our safeguarding policies and speak to our safeguarding managers in each setting.  The details of these people will be listed on our notice boards on each site.

How do I get a place for my child in Out of School or Nursery?

You can email us and we will send you our re-registration letter which explains what to do.  Or you can call us to discuss your requirements on 0113 268 9443 and follow the directory list to get to the person you need to talk to.

Dependent on what school you are successful in gaining you will need to visit the relevant out of school club for that school to register. 

  • St Matthews - The Cottage behind the Toby Carvery
  • Immaculate Heart - The Cottage or Lidgett Park Church
  • St Urbans - The Cottage behind the Toby Carvery
  • Moortown - Lidgett Park Church
  • Talbot - off site at Lidgett Park Church
  • Gledhow - off site at Lidgett Park Church
  • Chapel Allerton - The Cottage behind the Toby Carvery

Once you have found the relevant site go on down and register your place.  Don't forget to get a receipt for your application and this will link to your place on the waiting list.  There is a registration fee of £20  per family or £30 for Talbot, if you are an excisting customer this is reduced to £10 and £20.

You can register by calling Janette on 0113 268 9443 option 2 to run through digital registration and this gives you chance to ask all your questions or come into the relevant setting to register.

If your school is not mentioned please call us as we may be able to help you.

Read more about our daycare, out of school or parties.

Contact us on 0113 268 9443 or info@candystripeinc.co.uk