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18th March 2021 - ANNOUNCEMENT

We are open to continue nursery care, out of school care and child contact support.

We hope you are well during these very strange times.

Yesterday we were notified of the COVID positive result by Moortown school. Today also Immaculate Heart school has been in contact with us regarding a teacher testing positive. I wanted to outline how proud I am of the team at Candystripe who remain calm and focussed following guidelines. 

Below I have outlined our guidelines and protocols for your information:

Our protocol is to follow government guidelines and make sure we track and trace any contact with the person in question.  We firstly have contact with all relevant parties including schools then the parents/carers and if the case is found to be in house we would follow the guidelines set out for us via Ofsted also.  We have had no direct cases in house of the virus yet to date.

The guidelines state any contact means isolation for 10 full days for anyone who has been in contact with the person who has tested positive.  We work with the school and the parents to work this out with each individual child/staff member and calculate the date when isolation ends.

We remain working in bubbles for each school and are looking at how we can further move children into year groups but at this moment in time space is the issue on this point. All schools have their own bubbles to ensure there is no cross over between different schools.  The spaces we use are large and airy for each school and we work hard to allow children outdoor play where we can and keep the bubbles clean and aired as much as possible.

Our in house staff testing programme starts next week, when we receive the test kits and we will remain vigilant on testing twice weekly.

After we have completed track and trace we will support parents of children who have not had direct contact with the positive case and look to offer them a place elsewhere in a separate bubble.  Hence why we offered the bubble at the Cottage site as this was spare room not used and staff were available on this site due three staff from the church who have now gone into isolation. 

We have put extra cleaning measures in place at both sites to ensure these are ready for children to return after their isolation period ends and also for all the children currently attending. Please bear in mind the end date for isolation may be different for each child.

We remain vigilant regarding COVID-19 and ensure the service we offer remains safe to continue.  Please ask for more details about the measures we have in place to ensure all the children and staff are safe.

Kind regards


Anna Robinson - Company Director


How do I make contact?

Please call 0113 268 9443 for more support, there is an automated phone directory please press:

1 - to speak to the Cottage staff where they look after children for out of school care for St Matthews, Immaculate Heart, St Urbans and Chapel Allerton, we run playschemes in all holidays and nursery care full and part time also at this site.

2 - to speak to accounts department and the admin about your account.

3 - to speak to staff at the Church who look after children from Immaculate Heart, Moortown and Gledhow for out of school care only

4 - to speak to our Business Manager Lesley

5 - to speak to someone about parties or party supplies

or press 6 to speak to the Director Anna about any safeguarding concern or emergency.

You can also email your enquiry to info@candystripeinc.co.uk or email via our contact page

How do I get a place for my child in Out of School or Nursery?

You can email us info@candystripeinc.co.uk


call us on 0113 268 9443 option 2

Dependent on what school you are successful in gaining you will need to visit the relevant out of school club for that school to register. 

  • St Matthews - The Cottage behind the Toby Carvery
  • Immaculate Heart - The Cottage or Lidgett Park Church
  • St Urbans - The Cottage behind the Toby Carvery
  • Moortown - Lidgett Park Church
  • Talbot - off site at Lidgett Park Church
  • Gledhow - off site at Lidgett Park Church
  • Chapel Allerton - The Cottage behind the Toby Carvery

f your school is not mentioned please call us as we may be able to help you.

Read more about our daycare, out of school or parties.

Contact us on 0113 268 9443 or info@candystripeinc.co.uk